Induction Furnace Melting Coil & Curcible

Induction Melting Coil Steel Cell Coil Induction Melting Coil Steel Cradle 5 tone


We have capacity to manufacture Induction Melting coil range from 100 Kgs to 40,000 kgs capacity. For the Manufacturing process we use EC garade Copper Tubes. Manufacturing process is carried under hi-tech Technology and strict observation of Experts. After Complition of job coils are subjected to serise of Quality Check Testings,Which gives Best results during industrial Use. We had Sucsessfully provided Steel Cell and Melting Coil of 30,000kgs.IFT is working According coustmers Requirment and we produce melting coils acording standad designs, Which is easily replaceable to Existing Furnace.We had number for Satisfied Coustomes all over india and across the Globe.

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